Antique Silver and Contemporary Silver

Beautiful Gorham Pitcher


 It appears to be styled after the Arts and Crafts Movement Design, although it was made much later.

Graceful lines define the design.

Originally bought in NYC by ancestors of family, who now live in San Francisco Area two generations later.

 This pitcher could also be a modified copy of the well known Paul Revere Pitcher design.  The copies usually are smoothed finished and do not  have the detail of parallel lines or the detail of the handle and spout. The body is similar to the shape of the Paul Revere Pitcher. (Nothing new under the sun)


7 inches high and 9 inches width/from spout to handle edge


circa 1930


Price: $2225

Gorham 1930 Water Pitcher
Designed by Ruth Rhoten and hand-wrought by Ruth 

Sculptural Sterling Silver Bowl


Since I was a child, I enjoyed picking up shells and looking at them. The shells could be broken, they did not need to be perfect. For years now I have made about 20 studies of shells in Sterling Silver by hammering sheet. Each one is different and each takes me on a new journey of curves and form. This has been one of my favorite forms. Long ago, I had a good friend suggest I stop trying to make bases for these and let them be as is. It was good advice, although the shells do have a hidden base, where it sits flat against surface, otherwise it would roll.


sterling silver has a 24k gold vermeil inside.


16inches long,

5 inches high

©Ruth Rhoten designed and hand-wrought


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Designed and Hand-wrought Sterling Silver,Contemporary sculpture. Ruth Rhoten

Ancient One hand-wrought Sterling Silver Sculpture


My experience for the first time in the Redwoods in California was awe inspiring. How could a tree continue to grow after a fire had taken out most it's trunk. The burned out hollows are large enough to stand in, some are large enough for several people to stand within the tree. These trees are hundreds of years old. There is one tree in particular that I visit regularly. To be enter these hollowed out living trees that fire has not taken is to feel the Ancient One.

Ancient One

Sterling Silver

17 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 5 inches deep

©Ruth Rhoten designed and hand-wrought



Tiffany Cake Plate

Sterling silver pieced and engraved designed. 8 1/2inches diameter and 1inch high.

12.38 troy ounces. circa; 1909

Price: $825


sterling silver Tiffany pieced design         circa 1909


The Leopard's Head