Antique Silver and Contemporary Silver

Where is Argentum the Leopard's Head?

"Transformation of Argentum the Leopard's Head, the store, people from around the world came to see and shop for the high end silver antiques. Where is it? The world of Antiques has changed. The store is no longer a brick and mortar store front. It definitely was a magical place for the high end collector of Silver. We live on-line now. As the Silversmith who now owns the rights to the Name and Legacy, I have made the decision to continue carrying antiques that I know I can sell and to consign other works of Silversmiths around the world.  I have started selling my work on the website and in future years will sell more Contemporary Work along with fine Antiques Silver and Gold. I enjoyed my 25 years of work/friendship with Michael Weller and Perry Foster, who both guided and taught me the mystery of Silver Antiques. To carry on their tradition in this new digital world. We must change and evolve. I welcome old and new customers, to contact me either for buying or selling their Silver and Gold on the website." Ruth Rhoten

 Here are some websites of the best sources. If you know of others, please email the link and I will include it here.


Dutch Marks

World Marks


There are many occasions when you cannot find a mark on line. Books are an alternative and silver experts.


You are welcome to print this information and use for your research.

Micheal Weller, Antique Silver Expert, wrote "Notes on Silver" to help customers.


How to read marks pdf

Ways to learn to  read the Marks on your Silver.

How to list your silver for sale on our website.



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How to polish your silver?

Most important rule: no dipping or no techniques used on the web to sell a product. I have seen some nightmares; holes in pieces, unusual spotted surfaces, and ruined value of precious antique silver.

Wrights Silver paste polish is the safest. It polishes both silver, gold plated silver,

and gilded silver, without removing gold or layers of silver. Be kind to your silver; have an expert polish your silver.


The experts in 2015 are few and far. A question to always ask a Smith is: Will you be machine polishing my antique silver?


 If yes, thank them for their time and leave. Machine polishing can remove value.

A true story, Micheal Weller told me; Sotheby's took an Antique Silver tray to be polished. It was worth $100,000. When it came back from the Silversmith it had been machine polished afterwards was only worth $10,000.


Video Demonstrations on hand polishing Silver.


The Leopard's Head