Antique Silver and Contemporary Silver

Early American Cruet Set

Restoration and Conservation



Over the years I have worked with collectors, antique dealers, jewelry stores, and museums all over the United States.


My work has included restoration and conservation

of Paul Revere, Paul Storr, Fabergé, and other famous

as well as lesser known Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.


Restoration: Keeping Memories Alive


Restoring Gold and Silver Art Objects is part of my work. I have to remind people, " I create artworks too!"


Having been a Silversmith and Goldsmith for many years,  I acquired the expertise and knowledge to repair and conserve these historic and valuable works of art.


Each job has a unique--and often fascinating!--story.


I think of the family that wanted their tea service restored after a tornado ripped through their house, bringing destruction in its path. The Mother survived thankfully, but the tea service was crushed. The family was grateful to have the service restored, given all the memories it brought them.


25th Silver Anniversary Celebration

Sterling Silver hand-wrought raised and fabricated goblets with hand cut lapiz stones. The inside of goblets are 24 karat gold plated. Ruth Rhoten © 2007

More of my creative work can be seen on my Goldsmith/Silversmith website:

Sterling Silver 6 piece

Tea and Coffee Service

Hand cut rutilated quartz finials, golden sapphires set in rivets around Plexiglas tray to hold sterling rim in place. hand-wrought by Ruth Rhoten © 2004

Private Collection.

One of my favorite pieces that I have conserved was for the St. Louis Art Museum; the teapot made by the first known Black American Silversmith, Peter Bentzon, in Philadelphia.  His teapot inspired my Tea Service design.


The Leopard's Head