Antique Silver and Contemporary Silver

Some of the antique pieces sold through the Argentum website

Gorham Sterling Silver Trophy

Argentum-TheLeopard's Head is privileged to show this part of musical history. The trophy itself is a beautiful Gorham Sterling Silver Antique, which was presented to Rudolph Ganz(1877-1972) in 1920. He was an eminent Swiss-American pianist, conductor and educator. In 1908, Ravel dedicated his most difficult piano composition to him, Scarbo.

The Aeolian Company manufactured theWeber grand, player piano: a reproducing piano, that could play back rolls recorded by well-known pianists like Ganz. Ganz used his Duo-Art (roll-recording) recording of Liszt's E-flat Major Piano Concerto to preform and conduct the New York Symphony Orchestra in Carnegie Hall. A pianist conducting his own performance was the first such event in musical history.

Trophy: 53 Troy Ounces
21inches high and 12 inches from handle to handle.
Perfect Condition


1900 Paris Exposition LCoudray made in 1899

   Very Rare Art Nouveau Silver Metal struck for the 1900 Paris Expositon Universalle.

   Coudray studied at the Ecole des Exposition Universalle, won Prix de Rome in 1893, and

   became  one of the best-known French art nouveau medalists by 1900.

Orpheus at the Entrance of the Underworld(recto), 1899, silver medal. Winged nude with musical instruments (verso)

Signed: LCoudray (recto) and inscribed (verso): "les anciens eleves du conservatoire/ a Rudolph Ganz," (the former students of the [Lausanne] conservatory/to Rudolph Ganz) Ganz studied at the Lausanne Conservator of Music from 1893 to 1896.

Superior Condition
Made in 1899
2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches


Art of the Arctic Exploration was wide spread in the 1880's. All of us can remember pictures we have seen of ships stranded in glaciers. Paintings, Etchings, and Prints were created during the period for people to see the dramatic landscape. As an artist, I can imagine the excitement of seeing the sunsets and sunrises over the glacier landscapes. Reed and Barton made many objects of Arctic Art. Over the years I have seen some amazing sterling silver bowls with polar bears and icebergs depicting this era. Here is an interesting link for some history of that period and pictures depicting the scenes of that time.

The Electroplated Silver Tray is a great example of the Arctic Art circa 1885 in good antique condition.  13 inches by 19 inches

Artic Art circa 1885

Perfection in design and smithing by Nicholas(Nicholaes)Verhaer

Verhaer was a Master of the Guild of Utrecht silversmiths.

Three of his pieces are held by the Riijksmuseum of Amsterdam.

More information of Silver made in Netherlands


Arts and Crafts German Bowl, designed by Hans Christiansen for the firm of E. L. Vietor, which was the provider of silverware by appointment of the court of the dukes of Hesse, Darmstadt. This information is from the Curator of the Institute Mathildenhohe Darmstadt. There is an advertisement for E.L Vietor in Darmstadt in 1901 stating they are a HOF-SILBERWAARENFABRIK (Crown-Court Silverfactory) You can see from the mark it is 800 Silver. Weight: 537 grams/ 17.26 Troy Ounces. 10 1/2 inches in diameter and 4 1/8 inches high.

Hans Christiansen was documented to have made a trip to Chicago in 1893. Chicago was a center for the Arts and Crafts Movement. This makes me wonder if he was inspired by the forms made in Chicago, returning to Germany to design the bowl in his Christiansan House for E. L. Vietor.

Price: Sold

1912-1916 Kalo Pitcher in the Arts and Crafts Style, Sterling Silver

Beautifully designed Kalo Pitcher in the Arts and Crafts Style. This design is included in the Metropolitan Museum of NYC. The New York and Chicago mark was used 1912-1916. Clara Welles promoted Kalo's presence in New York and Chicago by using this mark. They had a store on 5th Ave. in New York, and a store in Chicago. Clara Welles was the Silversmith/Business woman behind the Kalo Silver Shop.

615 grams/19.77 troy ounces.8 3/4 High    7"  Spout to end of handle part. Perfect Antique Condition. It has been well taken care of by Mother of owner, who bought it directly from the Kalo Shop in Chicago.  All hammer marks are intact.

Price: SOLD



Sterling Silver kalo bowls

Goes HereThe "Lotus" pair of Kalo bowls are in perfect antique condition. They were made for one family. Each have an Arts and Crafts engraved initial. These bowls were made for many years.(1917-70) Beautifully and skillfully crafted. One is slightly heavier than the other one. 513 grams and the other one is 478 grams. Both measure 8 1/2inches diameter and 2 5/8" high.


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