Tiffany Ice Cream Server

A Tiffany flat server for fish, ice cream, or entree. OK, I will admit, I would rather be served ice cream with this beautiful Tiffany server made in 1892. Richelieu flatware pattern. Beautiful curving design with the traditional Richelieu patterned handle with an imaginative nature design. (reminds me of waves or new growth of a fern in the forest; what do you see in the design?)

6 troy ounces and in great antique condition.

Price: $895


image server


Punch Ladle

The Mead Family purchased the ladle to be used with the Presentation bowl for grand parties and special family events. We know three generations of stories of this bowl. Considering it was made almost 100 years before it was presented and preserved by the Mead Family it is in excellent condition. The ladle will be combined with the purchase of the Emes Bowl.  No longer available





Punch Ladle

Hester Bateman Sauce Ladles

In a Silversmith Shop, women would hand-burnish silver to polish it. This was considered women’s work. David S. Shure who wrote the book on Hester Bateman called the “Queen of English Silversmiths” describes a very plausible theory that she learned to handle silver by first working burnishing to polish the silver. Any expert in silver will tell you their years of getting the feel for smithing by using other metals first for the main reason of cost and the special nature of silver. He goes on to describe her excellence in her early work of making spoons. These spoons are a great way to start your collection of Hester Bateman. The Mark of her trademark is worn, but the date mark is very well struck and has lasted the handling over the years. The spoons themselves are in perfect antique condition. The same design was made later by Anne Bateman and Peter Bateman in 1797(Hester's son and daughter-in-law)which is shown in “Women Silversmiths 1685-1845” (The National Museum of Women in the Arts).
This pair was made in 1786. 42 grams each. 7inches long by 2 inches diameter of bowl.
For the pair; $475

  Baby Spoon (Mother's Spoon)

Handwrought by Ruth Rhoten

Ruth Rhoten discovered over the years of making the Baby Spoon that the mothers are often forgotten when a new baby arrives. Ruth made this spoon especially for the mother to feed the baby. She has been told that it is the perfect shape and angle to easily feed the baby.

Once the baby has grown out of the spoon, the mother has her own coffee or tea spoon. A perfect gift for Mother and baby that they will both discover over the years.

6 inches long by 1 inch bowl at spoon. Contemporary!

Price: $245


Hand Wrought Baby Spoon

maker: Ruth Rhoten

This beautiful baby spoon design has been tried out by many babies over the last 30 years.
It has become to be known as the Ruf Spoon, Rut Spoon, Root Spoon, or some other derivative of Ruth.
Baby finds it easy to use for either right or left hand.
Initials or Name can be hand engraved on the handle of the spoon. (extra charge)

4 inches long by 1.5 inches wide at the bowl of the spoon.

Price: $185   b_spoon