Antique Silver and Contemporary Silver
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Kiddish Set 1877

Kiddish Set


   6 Cups: 4 1/2 inches high. 2 inches in diameter

 Container 8 3/4 Inches high. 4 Inches in diameter


Tray: 9 3/4 inches in diameter


 All in perfect condition.  Kiddish Set.

 Handed down 2 generations. Made in 1877.







Gorham Medallion Tongs


Coolest Tongs.

Who can tell what was their use or the best fun guess.

If you watched "Downton Abby," you should know the real use.

 (My guess is a grabber for ice.)


circa 1864

Unmarked Gorham tongs

length: 11-7/8”

weight: 177 g

Price: $1440

Tiffany Cake Plate

Sterling silver pieced and engraved designed. 8 1/2inches diameter and 1inch high.

12.38 troy ounces. circa; 1909

Price: $825


sterling silver Tiffany pieced design         circa 1909

Arthur Stone, Bowl

     Arthur Stone was a well know Arts and Crafts Silversmith in Massachusetts. This bowl was obviously made for as a presentation bowl. Similar in design to the Paul Revere’s famous Bowl. It has never been engraved. So it must have been waiting for someone to buy it in his shop.

 height: 3"

 diameter: 7-1/4"

 weight: 397 g


Stone Associates "h" mark [ ca. 1938-1957 ] / STERLING / W

 price: $1140

2016 Ruth Rhoten designs,

 both judged for 30th Annual Emeryville show.

"Desert Voyager" #1  ©

Fine Silver, rock crystal egg, volcanic rock, base delrin. H 4" by diameter 3"

Lighting with Led for photograph.

Hand-wrought bowl and found rock.






"Flight" 2 ©

Sterling Silver, Bone, paint, crystals,

H 4 3/4" by L 7" by D 5"

Hand wrought and hand engraved, bone found on walk in NW.




The Leopard's Head